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Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Mistress Cucciolo loves to dominate and she did it today as she had her slave lick her spit and then lick her dirty boots. It was cruel and humiliating but the girl could not do anything about it and had to beg her to stop but she did not. The mistress needed her feet licked clean and that is what she did to the muddy boots before she let her go.

Madame Marissa loves riding boots because she can use them to ride her horses and at the same time to punish whoever needs to be punished. That is why she chose to make this guy who had pissed her off to lie down. After that, the mistress had him endure being trampled using her riding boots until he peed himself. That was when she was sure he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Gaia never loses an opportunity to dominate a slave especially when he or she has messed up. Today her slave had pissed her off and she had to punish him. So she did it in a way he never expected and he was in pain as she ass smothered his face and also used her riding boots to trample him. He was tied up so he could not resist.

This mistress had been lenient enough with her slave and she felt that he had to learn never to piss her off. So she came up with a way to punish him and that was by torturing him in a way he had never been before. So the mistress rode his back and as if that was not enough, she also made him lick her riding boots before slapping him hard.

Lady Scarlet knew that this guy needed to be dominated and so she did it with her riding boots. The mistress laughed at him as he cried nd knew that the pain had gotten to him and he would never mess with her again. She asked her friend to have a go at him and she did it. The mistress had a whip ready to use on him if he did not follow her instructions.

Mistress Nica used a strapon to deepthroat this guy but that was not all as she used the same strapon to ass fuck him as well. And it was all because he had refused to lick her riding boots. She had asked him to lick it but he had refused and she had no choice but to make him regret his choice by giving him a worse punishment than the one he had refused.

Mistress Nica wanted to test her slave's time management skills so she gave him some work to do and she timed him. But instead of using his time wisely, he misused it and she was so pissed at him that she had to punish him and she did it cruelly. The mistress made him lick her during boots and she crushed his nuts. She also teased and denied him after showing him her big sexy tits.

This mistress had a score with this guy and she wanted to make sure that she dealt with it using her riding boots. She made sure they were muddy before she used them on him. He was not only in pain, but he was humiliated and dominated as well. It was a rude shock for him and he regretted why he had beefed with her as the punishment was cruel.

Mistress Gaia felt that her boyfriend needed to be punished but she did not want to make it obvious. So she proposed a game and they agreed that it had to be that the loser did what the winner wanted. It was a lot of fun but the mistress won and she rode him like a human pony and made him cry. She pretended that she was just playing when she was actually punishing him.

Mistress Gaia loves to torture and dominate. The mistress felt like the best thing to do was to use her riding boots to torture this loser and humiliate him. She did not hesitate to do it and in no time, she had managed to force the guy to lick her boots and also endure being trampled and punished like never before. She had a whip in case he did not do as she wanted.

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