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Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Mistress Angelina was made fun of by this guy and she had to revenge. She did so using her boots and she made sure that her revenge was colder. So she used the boots to trample him from head to toes. To make sure it was painful, she made him undress before she trampled him and the pain was crazy for him. He had no choice but to endure it.

Mistress Nica felt that her slave needed to be tamed. She did not want to take a lot of time to get that done and so she used her riding boots to trample him while he was naked. She did not spare his dick and his balls as she trampled him. He cried and she knew that her punishment was achieving the desired effects and this was confirmed when he changed.

Mistress Gaia was not about to let anyone mess with her and that is why she chose to try riding boots femdom. She had to try it on this guy and she did it by trampling him with the boots. The mistress crushed his balls and made sure that he was in a lot of pain before she was done with him. He was also forced to jerk off at the same time all that was happening.

Mistress Nica and her friend love horses. And they had asked their slave to take care of the horses. But he did not do a good job and they were pissed that their beloved horses did not get the attention and care they deserved. So they trampled the slave with their riding boots. And they especially did it on his balls to make it even more painful. He learned to take good care of the boots.

Mistress Courtney felt that this guy had to be made to learn his lesson in the worst way possible. She used her riding boots to do it after she had stripped him naked. He tried to sweettalk her but she did not have time for him. He even tried to pay for his freedom but she did not want anything from him other than for him to undergo the trampling and stomping she had subjected him to.

This mistress was so angry to the point that she felt that the best way to deal with this guy who was the source of her anger was to trample him with her riding boots. The mistress laughed at the guy as he cried and she knew that her punishment was working. After he was done licking her muddy boots, she facesat on him and then let him go knowing he would change.

Mistress Gaia loves to torture and dominate. The mistress felt like the best thing to do was to use her riding boots to torture this loser and humiliate him. She did not hesitate to do it and in no time, she had managed to force the guy to lick her boots and also endure being trampled and punished like never before. She had a whip in case he did not do as she wanted.

Mistress Krush and mistress Tiffany did not like the fact that this guy was unreliable. They had engaged him to do some work for them but he did not do things the way they wanted. And so the mistresses had to use their riding boots to torture and humiliate the guy. He was forced to lick their boots in addition to being tortured by the same boots. He stopped being unreliable after that.

When this mistress realized that this girl was spying on her, she had to torture her in a way she had never experienced before. The mistress wore her riding boots and she used them to torture her. And she also forced the girl to drink some dirty water and to lick her dirty and muddy boots. The mistress was sure that she would never piss her off again because of what she had gone through.

This guy messed with the wrong mistresses and he lived to regret it as the mistresses tortured him for what he had done. The mistresses forced the poor guy to lie down naked and they used their riding boots to trample him all over his body. They did not just trample him, but they did it together and at the same time to make it even more painful to him.

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