Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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After she had used her riding boots to dominate him, this mistress made sure that she made this guy jerk off on her riding boots. He had to lick them first and have foreplay with them before he did that. She had given him the instructions and his work was to follow them to the letter which he did as he knew that if he did not, he would be in hot soup.

Mistress Nica had done everything she could to satisfy this guy but he was insatiable and she did not want to continue doing anything with him. She felt that he had to be punished so that he found a way to tame his own desires and his sex appetite. And that is what he was forced to do when she made him kneel down and lick her dirty riding boots.

This guy had attempted to con mistress Gaia and her friend. But they were smarter than him and they had to punish him for what he had tried to do. He wished he had never done what he did but it was too late and he had to endure his punishment. The preferred punishment was to trample him with their riding boots and that is what they did as he cried and begged for mercy.

Mistress Gaia loves to weaponize different things and to torture them. The mistress felt that the best thing to do and try today was to weaponize her riding boots. She did not hesitate to do it and had a lot of fun using them to torture this guy who had pissed her off. The mistress laughed at the guy as he was humiliated and as he cried at what she did to him.

Mistress Nica had beef with this new slave and she knew she had to do something to make him change. She felt that he had some behaviors that he had to change and she did it with her riding boots. He was tied up and hoisted up then she trampled his balls and made him agree to the changes that she wanted him to make. He had no choice but to agree.

Mistress Scarlet was armed with a cane and her riding boots. She was ready to punish this guy because he had messed with her and she felt that it was time he realized they were not equals and he had to learn to obey. So she crushed his head and his body while he was naked and she made him feel pain that he had never felt before in his life.

Mistress Charlie wanted to show this guy that she did not appreciate how he was a one minute man. And to drive that point home, she used her boots to trample him and do it cruelly. The mistress wanted him to know that she would not tolerate any other one minute session from him. He had to learn how to stay longer and that is why she made sure she tortured him.

Mistress Gaia laughed at her slave as she was punishing him because he looked funny as he cried. The mistress did not care what he felt as she was more interested in changing him and his behavior so that he did not repeat what he had done that had led to his punishment in the first place. He learned never to mess with her as there were consequences to his actions.

Madame Marissa learned about riding boots femdom and she knew she had to try it out. The mistress went and bought a pair of riding boots and when she got home, she had to try them out immediately and she did it to her slave. The mistress trampled him painfully but she used the mistake he had made as an excuse to dominate and trample him so that she did not feel guilty.

Madame Marissa wanted to dominate this servant for incompetence and she did it using her riding boots. The mistress did not care how much pain he was in and she hoped it was a lot of it because she needed him to change and she did not give a fuck how he felt. So the mistress stomped and crushed his hands and especially his fingers to make sure he changed.

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