Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Lady Scarlet needed to jerk off her slave and she did it with her boots because she did not care what the guy felt. She was doing it for her fun and so she recorded it all. She was at her study working while she did it. It was a challenge to also see if she could multitask and she managed to do so. He was humiliated but at least he came.

Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Samantha wanted to dominate and degrade their boyfriends. They had tried to talk to them to stop whatever they were doing that was pissing them off but they did not. So the mistresses had no choice but to act. And they did so by forcing them to lick muddy riding boots. They had to do it until the boots were clean before they were let go.

Lady Scarlet likes things done well. When she wore her riding boots today, she realized that her slave had not cleaned them to the standard she had expected him to. She showed him and he acknowledged that he had not cleaned them as well as he needed to. So she was pissed at him and had to punish him which she did using the same riding boots. He was trampled until he cried.

Lady Scarlet knew that this guy needed to be dominated and so she did it with her riding boots. The mistress laughed at him as he cried nd knew that the pain had gotten to him and he would never mess with her again. She asked her friend to have a go at him and she did it. The mistress had a whip ready to use on him if he did not follow her instructions.

Lady Scarlet is a disciplinarian as this slave came to find out. She had not done what she was supposed to do and that pissed the mistress who saw it fit to punish her by slapping her. She then asked her to carry her all around the house as a human pony before she trampled her using her riding boots which she also had to lick. The punishment was able to achieve its intended goal.

Lady Scarlet wanted to teach her friends all about riding boots femdom. Her friends had wanted to know about it but she did not have the time to teach them. She felt that today was the best day to teach them and so she did it. The mistresses loved it as it was a practical lesson and it was much more fun than they had thought it was going to be.

This guy thought that lady Scarlet was joking when she chose to punish him. The mistress was not joking and she settled on using her riding boots to trample him. The guy was lucky that she chose to use a banana as lube to trample his dick. She rubbed it with her riding boots but the crushed banana was the lube so he did not feel as much pain as he would have had she not used the banana.

Lady Scarlet felt that this guy was not ready and was not willing to learn so she had to make sure he was. And she did so using her riding boots which she used to trample him. He also had to lick her dirty soles and do other crazy things for her entertainment. It got to a point she forgot she was punishing him and she just did it for fun as it was enjoyable.

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