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Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Madame Marissa and lady Nora had both been victims of this businessman's unethical practices and they did not want to keep quiet. They did not want to sue him as it could turn out to be costly. So they had to punish him and they did it by trampling and kicking him with riding boots. The pain did the work for them and he stopped as he knew there were people who would make him pay for it.

Madame Marissa loves riding boots because she can use them to ride her horses and at the same time to punish whoever needs to be punished. That is why she chose to make this guy who had pissed her off to lie down. After that, the mistress had him endure being trampled using her riding boots until he peed himself. That was when she was sure he had learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa and her roommate lady Nora had an issue with this guy and they wanted to dominate him. He had been given a contract to paint their house but he confused the color scheme and he ended up messing it. And so the two mistresses punished him for it. They did it by kicking him as well as trampling and crushing him with their riding boots then made him do the right thing.

Madame Marissa and lady Nora forced this guy to endure boot torture because he had been insubordinate to them. He was punished for it and he had to learn that he would never get away with that behavior. The mistresses laughed at him as he cried and begged for mercy. But they knew that he had learned his lesson as he did so and that is why they let him go.

Madame Marissa was angry at her driver for absconding duty. She was so mad at him that she had to punish him and do it in a way he would never forget. The mistress used her boots to trample and stomp him all over his body and that is when he realized that she could be cruel. He had done it thinking she would brush it aside and let him get away with it.

Madame Marissa likes to deal with people she can depend on. This guy was undependable and she did not want him anywhere near her. And that is why she went out of her way to torture him as cruelly as he needed to be punished. The mistress used her boots to kick and trample him in a way he had never been before and he cried like a baby at what she did to him.

Mistress Jessica has never used riding boots to punish or degrade before but today she was up for the challenge and she made sure it was a successful one. The mistress cruelly turned this guy into her doormat and she crushed him gleefully as he cried and tried to beg her not to continue trampling and dominating him. But she did not listen to him and she went on doing her thing.

This guy made the mistake of spanking madame Marissa and he realized that he had misread her. She was so pissed at him that she had to punish him in a way he had never been punished before. The mistress cruelly tortured the loser with her boots and crushed him from head to toe and she even ballbusted him. And that is how he learned never to spank people he did not know well.

Madame Marissa wanted to sharpen her kicking skills and she used this loser for target practice. She tied the guy up and she kicked him for fun and she enjoyed it although it was hell for him. The mistress laughed at him as he tried to beg her to forgive him but she did not. She just assumed that he was not talking to her and she continued doing her thing.

This guy thought that lady Scarlet was joking when she chose to punish him. The mistress was not joking and she settled on using her riding boots to trample him. The guy was lucky that she chose to use a banana as lube to trample his dick. She rubbed it with her riding boots but the crushed banana was the lube so he did not feel as much pain as he would have had she not used the banana.

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