Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Lady Victoria had tried her best to get her slave to learn not to piss her off. She wanted him to learn how she wanted things done in her house. But the guy did not do what the mistress wanted and today she had to punish him. She prepared by wearing her riding boots as she wanted to use them to trample as well as stomp him for her fun.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a loser who did not want to do the right thing, she opted to make him a human pony. Once she was done riding his back and making him feel pain, the mistress trampled him and jumped on him. Then she had him lick the same riding boots which were full of mud as well as dirt. He had no choice.

Mistress Roxi was mad that this girl had stolen her man. For avoidance of doubt, she did not want him back. She did not want someone who could be stolen from her. But that did not mean that she would not punish her. She did it by trampling him in the snow with her riding boots. And to make it worse, the mistress spat on her and she had her lick her spit.

Goddess Vivienne had endured humiliation from this guy and she took it bravely. She was waiting for her time to get revenge and when the time came, she did not hesitate to do it. Goddess Vivienne used her riding boots to trample the shit out of him while he was naked and make sure he ate it all. The mistress had fun seeing him in pain and she made sure he felt double the pain she had felt.

Madame Marissa was not sure whether riding boots femdom was the right fetish for her and so she tried it to determine if she could use it or not. And she was shocked to find out it was fun. The mistress had the boots licked clean and she had a leash tied to her slave's neck as he licked the boots. And she pulled him all over the house using the leash.

Mistress Nica had never punished this guy the way she did today. He had to learn that she was not going to let him get away with mistakes all the time as she had given him time to learn from his mistakes but he did not seem to be doing that. So she used her riding boots to punish him and she made it one to remember as it was painful and humiliating.

Madame Marissa wanted to humiliate this loser but she wanted to make sure that it was a punishment that was worth it. So she tried boot punishment as she had never tried it before. The mistress used dirty and muddy boots to punish him. She made sure that he licked them until they were very clean before she let him go. He never wronged her again as he knew what she could do.

Mistress Courtney was angered that her boyfriend wanted to have sex with her. He called it retirement benefits. She laughed at the analogy but she was pissed off that he thought she was that cheap. She lured him to the house where stomped on him for fun and to send a message that she was not there for his pleasure whenever he felt like. He never tried that with her again.

Madame Marissa did not care how this guy acted. All she wanted were results and she did not seem to get them from this guy. So she chose to use her riding boots to get the results she wanted. The pain she managed to inflict with the boots made the guy realize he did not want to feel that sort of pain again so he did what she wanted and she got her results.

Mistress Nica summoned her slave into the stable and she dominated him a great deal. The mistress felt that the slave needed to do things the way she wanted and that is why she degraded him on hay in the stable. He was not taking care of her horses as well as she expected and she told him that that behavior had to end that day. And she made sure it did.

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