Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Madame Marissa needed to torture this guy and she did it with her muddy boots. And to make it worse, she did it with the help of a friend. The two of them had a great time but the guy did not enjoy any of it. He had to beg them not to do that but they did not listen to him as they were having a lot of fun at his expense.

Goddess Vivienne was fed up with this slave. She had caged him thinking that he would change but he did not and she was confronted with either letting go or punishing him. She decided to punish him and she had to use another tactic as caging him did not work. So the mistress used her riding boots to trample his hands and fingers to make him learn from the pain he felt.

Mistress Gaia never loses an opportunity to dominate a slave especially when he or she has messed up. Today her slave had pissed her off and she had to punish him. So she did it in a way he never expected and he was in pain as she ass smothered his face and also used her riding boots to trample him. He was tied up so he could not resist.

Madame Marissa and lady Nora forced this guy to endure boot torture because he had been insubordinate to them. He was punished for it and he had to learn that he would never get away with that behavior. The mistresses laughed at him as he cried and begged for mercy. But they knew that he had learned his lesson as he did so and that is why they let him go.

Mistress Gaia felt that her boyfriend needed to be punished but she did not want to make it obvious. So she proposed a game and they agreed that it had to be that the loser did what the winner wanted. It was a lot of fun but the mistress won and she rode him like a human pony and made him cry. She pretended that she was just playing when she was actually punishing him.

Mistress Anna did not like how her slaves liked using shortcuts to finish tasks given to them. The mistress did not like that very much because it meant that she was always finding flaw with what they had done and they had to redo it and it got exhausting for her. So she trampled them today using her riding boots to make sure they never did such a thing again.

This guy thought that lady Scarlet was joking when she chose to punish him. The mistress was not joking and she settled on using her riding boots to trample him. The guy was lucky that she chose to use a banana as lube to trample his dick. She rubbed it with her riding boots but the crushed banana was the lube so he did not feel as much pain as he would have had she not used the banana.

Mistress Gaia and her friend did not like how perverted this guy was. He had to be dominated and the mistresses did it in a cruel manner. They used their riding boots to do it and he was in a lot of pain as they did so. The mistresses did not care about his cries of pain and they ignored them so that he got the message they were sending him.

Madame Marissa just got back from the stables and is still wearing her full leather riding boots - and she brought along her crop to keep you in line as well! She starts to walk over your face and enjoys how you scream in pain as the hard soles of her boots mercilessly flatten your face. But it's about to get even worse! This cruel mistress is going to stomp and jump all over your face!

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