Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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This guy did not make any meaningful change and this mistress was not happy with him. She had tried to talk to him to change but she felt like all her advice was falling on deaf ears. She did not want that to go on so she changed tact and she used her riding boots femdom to get the guy to change. She trampled, crushed and kicked him until she got what she wanted.

Lady Krasaviza likes to experiment with different punishment methods. Today she chose to cage her slave when he messed up. She even made him wear a diaper so that he would disturb her with calls to go to the toilet. After she felt he had stayed in the cage long enough, she got him out of it and she turned him into a boot slave. He licked her boots and got spat on before she felt it was enough.

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