Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Madame Marissa had beef with her assistant and she had to punish him as she felt he needed to be. The mistress used her riding boots to do it and before she was done, she invited her friend who also did the same thing to him. The two of them had a great time torturing as well as humiliating him the way they felt he needed to be. He never messed up again.

Madame Marissa was fed up with this girl slave because she kept messing up even when she gave her many second chances. She was so pissed and felt that her approach was encouraging him to mess up. So she used riding boots femdom to humiliate her. As she was made to lick her boots, she realized that the mistress would not tolerate her mistakes again so she made an effort to change.

Mistress Faiza loves to dominate and humiliate. She does not care who pisses her off whether it is a man or woman or even whether that person is young or old. She will make sure she punishes that person and humiliates them until they learn their lesson. That is why she chose to trample this guy using muddy riding boots and she did it after she had facesat on him.

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