Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

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Madame Marissa loves riding boots because she can use them to ride her horses and at the same time to punish whoever needs to be punished. That is why she chose to make this guy who had pissed her off to lie down. After that, the mistress had him endure being trampled using her riding boots until he peed himself. That was when she was sure he had learned his lesson.

Goddess Vivienne had endured humiliation from this guy and she took it bravely. She was waiting for her time to get revenge and when the time came, she did not hesitate to do it. Goddess Vivienne used her riding boots to trample the shit out of him while he was naked and make sure he ate it all. The mistress had fun seeing him in pain and she made sure he felt double the pain she had felt.

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