Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

Mistress Roxi and mistress Pomme had an issue with their slave absconding duty and they punished her for it. She had to know that that would not be tolerated hence why the mistresses used their riding boots to punish her. It was a cruel punishment and through it, she learned his lesson the hard way. And she never failed to do what she was supposed to do and to do it well.

Madame Marissa likes to deal with people she can depend on. This guy was undependable and she did not want him anywhere near her. And that is why she went out of her way to torture him as cruelly as he needed to be punished. The mistress used her boots to kick and trample him in a way he had never been before and he cried like a baby at what she did to him.

When this mistress realized that she was dealing with an unreliable person, she had to do something the girl did not expect her to do. And that is why she went out of her way to make the girl be her human horse. She turned her into a human pony and rode her until she nearly broke her back. And she whipped her when she got tired. Licking the mistress' boots was the last thing she did before she was chased away.

When this mistress realized that she was dealing with a loser who did not respect what she was doing and what she had told him, she knew that she had to find a way to deal with him. So the mistress used her riding boots to dominate him because the punishment had to be worth it. And that is how he found himself licking muddy and dirty soles and he had no choice.

Mistress Jessica has never used riding boots to punish or degrade before but today she was up for the challenge and she made sure it was a successful one. The mistress cruelly turned this guy into her doormat and she crushed him gleefully as he cried and tried to beg her not to continue trampling and dominating him. But she did not listen to him and she went on doing her thing.

This guy made the mistake of spanking madame Marissa and he realized that he had misread her. She was so pissed at him that she had to punish him in a way he had never been punished before. The mistress cruelly tortured the loser with her boots and crushed him from head to toe and she even ballbusted him. And that is how he learned never to spank people he did not know well.

Mistress Gaia loves to trample and her friend wanted to learn how to do it. So she agreed to show her friend how it was done and since it had to be a practical lesson, she came with a loser who they trampled. Mistress Gaia took the lead in doing it then she asked her friend to do what she had seen her do. And it was great fun for them.

This mistress was forced to torture as well as to degrade this girl because she had pissed her off and she wanted to teach her a lesson that she would not forget in a hurry. That is why the mistress chose muddy boots as the best way to deal with her. She was forced to lick them clean and do everything that the mistress wanted her to do before she was let go.

Mistress Tiffany loves to trample and cruelly so. She is the kind of person who loves to teach people a lesson and to make sure that they do not repeat what made them be punished in the first place. That is why the mistress used her riding boots today to trample and crush this guy on his nuts and on the rest of his body before she let him go.

Madame Marissa wanted to sharpen her kicking skills and she used this loser for target practice. She tied the guy up and she kicked him for fun and she enjoyed it although it was hell for him. The mistress laughed at him as he tried to beg her to forgive him but she did not. She just assumed that he was not talking to her and she continued doing her thing.

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