Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

Madame Pearl could not believe that this loser was from the countryside but he did not know how to ride a bike. She was angry at him because she felt he was pretending. So she trampled him with her riding boots to find out whether he was telling the truth or he was pretending. She stomped on him and she even whipped him painfully. He was telling the truth but he had to learn.

When lady Alice noticed that her slave was becoming disobedient, she had to do something about it. She chose to punish and humiliate as cruelly as she was able to. So she used her boots to trample and to stomp on him. The pain he felt communicated to him that she was not going to allow him to mess with her. He never pissed her off again for fear of what he would do to him.

When this guy messed with mistress Gaia, he did not imagine that the punishment would be as cruel as it was. The mistress did not waste time punishing him. She got him to strip naked and she used her boots to trample his cock. It was painful but she did not care. His pain was her pleasure and she was sure he had learned his lesson and would not repeat his mistake.

Lady B was bored and had nothing better to do. Being a mistress with a fetish for crushing, there was nothing else she was going to do besides crushing things for fun. She had a few balloons left so she inflated them and she had fun crushing them. The mistress enjoyed the sound of them popping and she managed to pass some time before she went to look for something else to do.

This mistress loves her horses. And she likes them to be well taken care of. That is something that is not negotiable to her. She, therefore, left instructions to her new slave today to clean the stable but he did not do it to her liking. When she came back, she walked on horse shit and she did not like it. She used the boots that had stepped on the horse shit to punish and trample him.

Lady Krasaviza likes to experiment with different punishment methods. Today she chose to cage her slave when he messed up. She even made him wear a diaper so that he would disturb her with calls to go to the toilet. After she felt he had stayed in the cage long enough, she got him out of it and she turned him into a boot slave. He licked her boots and got spat on before she felt it was enough.

Madame Marissa just got back from the stables and is still wearing her full leather riding boots - and she brought along her crop to keep you in line as well! She starts to walk over your face and enjoys how you scream in pain as the hard soles of her boots mercilessly flatten your face. But it's about to get even worse! This cruel mistress is going to stomp and jump all over your face!

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