Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

Mistress Nica and her friend love horses. And they had asked their slave to take care of the horses. But he did not do a good job and they were pissed that their beloved horses did not get the attention and care they deserved. So they trampled the slave with their riding boots. And they especially did it on his balls to make it even more painful. He learned to take good care of the boots.

This mistress had a score with this guy and she wanted to make sure that she dealt with it using her riding boots. She made sure they were muddy before she used them on him. He was not only in pain, but he was humiliated and dominated as well. It was a rude shock for him and he regretted why he had beefed with her as the punishment was cruel.

Madame Marissa was angry at her driver for absconding duty. She was so mad at him that she had to punish him and do it in a way he would never forget. The mistress used her boots to trample and stomp him all over his body and that is when he realized that she could be cruel. He had done it thinking she would brush it aside and let him get away with it.

Lady Scarlet wanted to teach her friends all about riding boots femdom. Her friends had wanted to know about it but she did not have the time to teach them. She felt that today was the best day to teach them and so she did it. The mistresses loved it as it was a practical lesson and it was much more fun than they had thought it was going to be.

Mistress Nica wanted to make this farmhand be on top of his game. That is why she chose to use her riding boots femdom to dominate him. The mistress rode his back and turned him into a human pony. He was in pain as she did not give him a break until he collapsed on the floor out of exhaustion. He knew better than to piss her off and to get a poor crop yield.

Lady Victoria wanted to dominate this guy and she did it by turning him into a human pony. In addition, the mistress whipped him while he was naked besides asking him to lick her boots. She had her riding boots on and he had no choice but to lick them as well as to obey all of her other commands before she let him go. He did not repeat his mistake.

Lady Victoria wanted to see what attention she could get with her riding boots. That is why she made sure she looked stunning and she also used the same boots to threaten this guy. She was shocked the effect her riding boots had on guys. Some were attracted to them and others were scared of them. So she knew she could easily use those two to her advantage and she managed to do it..

Mistress Courtney felt that this guy had to be made to learn his lesson in the worst way possible. She used her riding boots to do it after she had stripped him naked. He tried to sweettalk her but she did not have time for him. He even tried to pay for his freedom but she did not want anything from him other than for him to undergo the trampling and stomping she had subjected him to.

Mistress Gaia felt that to make this guy learn his lesson, she had to make him learn his lesson the hard way. The mistress made sure that she trampled this guy and she dominated him with her riding boots. He was shocked and wished that she would get tired and let him go but unfortunately she did not and instead of that, she went on humiliating him for her fun.

Mistress Jessica loves to do things her own way. And when she noticed that this guy was a hindrance to her plans, she realized that she had to torture him and make him lick her feet. The poor guy had to lick her soles despite them being dirty and she made sure he licked them clean before she was done with him and she was able to let him go.

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