Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

This guy wanted to con lady Anja but she could tell what he wanted to do from a mile away and she not only thwarted his efforts, but she also beat the shit out of him. The mistress kicked him in the nuts and she made sure he was in pain and that he would never do what he had done again. It was a wake up call for him and he learned his lesson.

This guy was a serial abuser and since his wife did not want to alert the authorities, these mistresses chose to take matters into their hands and punish him. The mistresses lured him to where they punished him and it was cruel. They used their boots to trample him and they made it as cruel as they could possibly make it and he cried and begged them for mercy promising that he would never do what he had done again.

Lady B was wearing her riding boots when she got into the house. She was disappointed with how her race had gone and she had to calm down so that she would be in the right frame of mind to go back out the following day. So she used her riding boots to trample and crush balloons for fun and to pass time as well as take her frustrations out on the balloons.

When this guy called this mistress names, he did not know the kind of problems he had put himself in. The mistress had to find a way to teach him a lesson and she lured him to her house and then forced him to the stable where she waded in horse shit and she used her boots to trample him. The guy even got a taste of the horse poo.

Mistress Gaia came into the house with muddy boots. She had not planned to do that but when her slave took long to open the door for her, she got pissed and she did it to punish him. She got her slave to lick her muddy boots and when she was done with that, she also made him clean up the places she had stepped on with her muddy boots.

Lady Anica went to her stable and she walked around surveying what had been done by her slave. She did not like the shoddy job he had done and she plotted how to punish him effectively. The mistress got out of there with dirty boots and she used them to show her slave that doing a shoddy job was a punishable offense and he would have to be taught a lesson.

Madame Marissa came home and found out that her slave had hosted a party in her house without informing her. He had done it because he knew she was not coming back home that day. But she came home earlier than expected and she realized what he had done. She was pissed and she stuck her boot which had mud on it and he had to lick it until it was cleaning.

This mistress is petty and when someone does anything as small as even looking at her and she interprets it as being looked at in a funny manner, she gets pissed and she can torture that person badly. That is what she did to this guy for looking at her in a way she perceived to be funny. She then used her boots to torture him by riding him like a horse and stomping on him.

This guy was not cooperating with this mistress and she was pissed at him. She did not want to allow him to mess her up so she tortured him cruelly. The mistress could not think of a better way to punish him than to use her riding boots. She used her riding boots to inflict pain on him and she even rode him like a human pony. He cooperated with her after that.

Goddess Nika thought this guy was a good Santa and she hired him to do some work for her. But she did not like what he had done when she gave him the chance. She was so pissed with him that she punished him by teasing him and denying him as well as crushing and trampling him with her riding boots. He was humiliated and made to refund the money he had been paid.

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