Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

Mistress Suzanna does not like to be catcalled. And when this guy did it, he did not think the consequences would be as severe as they were. So she used her boots to trample him and to jump on him too to make it even more painful. He cried and wished that he had never messed with her but the damage was already done and he was paying for his mistakes.

Madame Marissa hates losers and especially lazy ones and when she discovered that this slave was lazy, she had to punish him. The mistress chose to use her boots to teach the loser a lesson and she did it by stomping on his hands and his fingers to make sure he felt all the pain he could feel. As he cried, she reminded him that she was not the one who made him lazy.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor wanted to show this guy that he was not the kind of person who would give her a hard time. She did not want anyone staying in her house to give her a hard time and that is why she chose to use her muddy boots to punish him. The mistress sat and watched as he licked the mud off her soles and warned him never to try her again.

Mistress Emanuela did not want her slave to think that she was incapable of punishing him. He did what he felt like and sometimes ignored her instructions and she was not going to tolerate that. So she used her boots to trample him and even had him lick the dirty soles. He was shocked as he never expected her to do that but he had no choice and had to do it.

Mistress Nica wanted to mess with this loser so she made him jerk off while she was dominating him. She knew it would be damn near impossible for him to concentrate on cumming when she was trampling him with her riding boots as well as facesitting on him. He was choking and he was in pain so he could not concentrate on jerking off. But she had told him she wanted him to cum before she let him go.

Mistress Jessica wanted to send a message to her slave and she knew that it was better to do it once and never have to do it again than to do it in a way that she would need to do it all the time. So the mistress used her riding boots to trample, stomp and smother the slave. She did it all over his body and he cried and promised never to piss her off again.

Mistress Gaia wanted her slave to learn that she was not going to tolerate his laziness anymore. She had invited her friend to come and see how she punished her slave so that she could go and try it too. They were from horse riding so they were wearing their riding boots. They use the same boots to kick and trample the slave as painfully as they were able to.

Mistress Kira had tolerated her slave for way too long. And now she felt like she had to punish him and she did it using her boots. The mistress first of all stripped him naked before she got started on punishing him. The mistress did this as he lay down in grass. She did not care about the pain he felt but was only interested in the lesson he learned.

This mistress wanted to dominate this loser and she did it with manure. She waded in it and once she felt her boots were sufficiently filled with it, she went to use them to punish him. The mistress forced the loser to lick them and she wanted them licked until they were clean. The loser cried and wished he had not pissed her because the punishment was cruel. She did not care.

Madame Marissa was fed up of the many things this guy did that did not please her. He did some of them deliberately even when he knew they would annoy her and she was fed up and she decided to call it quits. She took him by surprise as she tortured him with her riding boots. He was trampled, kicked and crushed and he cried like a little baby as she did so. When she was done, she dumped his sorry ass.

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