Riding Boots Femdom

Cruel riding mistresses dominate their slaves

Madame Marissa wanted to stomp this loser and she felt that the best way was to cruelly use her riding boots on the guy. She went ahead to stomp his head and his face with her boots inflicting a lot of pain in the process. The mistress ignored his cries of pain and she went on doing her thing until she was satisfied with the amount of pain that she had inflicted on him.

Mistress Courtney did not like how dramatic this slave was and she had to teach him how to behave. The mistress felt that he had to learn to do things her way and that is why she chose to crush his hands. He was in a lot of pain as she crushed his fingers and did so repeatedly. It was painful but it was what he needed in order to change.

Lady Sarah wanted this loser to learn that she was not going to do things his way. He was the one to do things her way. And that is why she took him to the woods and she dominated him as cruelly as she was able to. The mistress laughed at the guy and she made him regret what had happened and he begged for mercy as she made him move around on his hands and knees and then whipped him and used her boots to dominate him.

Goddess Lena was pissed at how this loser tried to mess with her. It was the audacity the guy had that made her wonder whether he was ok. The mistress knew she had to teach him a lesson and she did it in a cruel manner. The mistress turned to her boots to teach him a lesson. The mistress had a great time degrading the guy by asking him to lick her dirty soles while she smoked.

Mistress Gaia does not like slaves who are contemptuous and when she noticed that this one was, she had to find a way to punish him. And she did this using her riding boots. She rode him as a human pony and also trampled him as well as whipped him a little. It was painful and he learned never to make her angry as he could not handle the consequences.

Madame Marissa was not going to let this guy piss her off and get away with it. He had to know that she was capable of revenge and could also defend herself against anything that was done to her. So she used her riding boots to stomp and to dominate this loser. She was so pissed and so charged that she crushed him like he had never been crushed and stomped before. She had first of all passed by her farm to wade in mud before trampling him.

These mistresses did not like how their husbands liked to do things together in order to try to escape accountability. They wanted to tame them and turn them into obedient husbands. So they chose to punish them together. The mistresses used their boots to trample their naked husbands and made them feel pain they had never felt before. It was also humiliating as they were fully naked and could not do

Mistress Nica was not going to let anyone mess with her and that is why she used her boots to teach this loser not to misbehave in front of her. He had tried it and she was not going to let him misbehave again. The mistress stomped and kicked the loser and she made it a very painful affair. It was then that the loser realized that things were not as easy as they wanted them to be.

Madame Marissa got home and asked her boyfriend what he had done with his savings now that he had no job. He told her that he had used them to buy an expensive bike and she was so pissed at him for not putting good use to the money and she used her muddy riding boots to punish and to trample him. He had to return it and invest the money.

Mistress Jessica felt that it was important for her to use her riding boots to teach this guy a lesson and that is what she did. The mistress used her riding boots to trample the loser's hands because he needed to learn to work hard and not just sit and do nothing all day. She hand trampled him so painfully that he could not think of another punishment and had to change.

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